29 December 2008

I can't even imagine what to say about the above. Blue Dress is deranged, clearly, so maybe the rest are just phantoms of her imagination? If she weren't in the picture, I would say that Grinning Man is about to approach White Pantsuit, and that Green Dress is her future self, running from a time warp located at the other end of the bridge to warn her what an awful mistake it will be to give him the time of day. Blue Dress kind of puts a wrench in that scenario, right? I mean, from the neck down she's an all-American tourist, but from the neck up she's a mummified corpse.

What city do you think they are in? I'm inclined to say Paris. Maybe because I think Paris is the only city in which a girl can wear a white pantsuit and get away with it.

This picture is a few days old, and there is no longer snow here, but I like this picture, even though I look kind of ridiculous and even though you can't see the turkeys in the back yard. I feel like I've betrayed all my snow-deprived Southern compatriots because I didn't fully utilize my snow access--you know, building snowmen, making snow angels, having a snowball fight, finding a large and dangerous hill to slide down on some sort of make-shift sled and thereby injuring myself gravely. This photo is pretty much all I have to show for myself.

On a note more suited to my climactic tastes, I hear it's going to be in the 70s in Alabama next week. I'll skip right over my guilt at global warming and right into my glee that I can perhaps wear the cardigan that Lady gave me for Christmas.

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  1. they are clearly in Venice on the rialto bridge.