25 December 2008


I think I might have suffered an aneurysm. Reason? After a lifetime of being totally opposed to mod shoes (the squarish toes, the squatty old-lady heels, the overall feeling of frump that they effect), I have suddenly started sort of liking them.

It all started with entering the search term "vintage buckle" into Etsy. Among other things, it produced this:


so blue

There's something about them, isn't there? Yes, they're a bit costume-y, and the pearlized blue is potentially cloying. But look at that blooming grosgrain ribbon! And what's wrong with costume-y anyway?

silver space shoes

The more I look, the more I find pairs with which I am in love. Bright colors, giant buckles--I could have a pair to match every dress I own (and, honestly, who doesn't love a matched dress-shoe combo?). These, for example, would match both a dress I am in the process of making and my glasses:

matchy shoes

If I owned these, however, I would definitely (a la Dorothy in the Emerald City) "dye my eyes to match my gown":


So skewed has my brain become that I even liked the color combination displayed below, even though it was clearly stolen from the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile :

my bologna has a first name

Luckily for my bank account and my soul, perhaps, none of these were in my size. Did I dodge a bullet, or is this a page full of awesome? I can no longer tell!

I have pictures from Christmas, which I will probably upload later on, but I needed to get the guilty secret shoe obsession off my chest first.

Also, it's been requested that I write an obit here on Eartha Kitt, for which I must gather some materials.

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