09 February 2009

Mod Children Take Over Your Town!

For some reason this pattern reminds me of The Tomorrow People. Ok, so here's my question to you, dear reader: do you think I could pull off the look sported by Ms. Red Shorts here? I'm talking head-to-toe--the awesome Vidal Sassoon style bob, the red striped short-suit, the tall socks, and the awesome red and white shoes? Doesn't she look sassy? Like she solves mysteries in a precocious manner and maybe has a mini-scooter that she rides to crime scenes. If so, then Green Skirt is definitely her twin Girl Friday, taking notes and being the straight-laced one.

My real question, though, is how it can be that the two knee-sock wearing curmudgeons on the right can look so cool and awesome (and deserving of their own series of mystery novels), and Blondie there on the left looks like the most annoying thing you have ever met in your life. Maybe it's the red purse? The look on her face? The really poorly proportioned jacket and slacks? The socks? Who knows.


  1. I think Blondie's problem is in her shoes (way too square--they make her look uptight) and the cocky head-tilt (like she's proud of said squareness).


  2. Liz, i know you said you weren't being serious about it, but i would LOVE if you made yourself the red girl's outfit and took a picture.
    i remember loving knee socks.
    Carrie (Johannes pointed me to your blog)