02 January 2009

A box of tatters

So I have dragged out the giant box of unfinished objects I left behind me when I left the country last year. It's equal parts treasure trove and trash pit, so I've been sorting through pattern pieces, unfinished projects, bolts of fabric, notions, and literal rags for the past hour. Yeesh.

Amongst the ruins: the instructions for Simplicity 5240 (looks like a 70s pattern for a pant or skirtsuit) and the cut pieces of Simplicity 6885 (which also appears to be a 70s pattern for pants).

What should I do with these random bits, do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Make a quilt!!

    no no, just kidding. That's my current obsession. You could make a pin cushion. Or greeting cards? I don't know. I always think I'll do something awesome with all my little bits, and I rarely do.

    love you.